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At SEOURL, we offer free backlink with do follow for permanent weather it is free or paid by submitting website links or articles. Every link will get a specific web page with all details of the link and separate form to get leads to you directly from that page.

We offer few more benefits for paid submissions on SEO URL site. Paid submissions will be display on different web pages, home page, category and sub category pages, details pages and it will be shared in all social media platforms where as free links will be approved by taking time to review, it will be listed as a web page with do follow backlink. Every user will get a dashboard to edit profile, check web page views for your submissions, leads list by anyone can submit form from your links pages.

We are very strict to our rules and we don’t approve dating, adult, drugs related sites in SEOURL. Every user will get an alert to mail about approval or reject. You can raise request to us to make any changes on your web pages.

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We came up with this site by using latest technologies and updates to use easy to for every user. Specific dashboard allotted for every user to track their links and articles.

-Instant approval if it reaches our terms
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-Instant support to make change for your web pages

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